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  • Hot Yoga
    Two sets of at least 26 postures in a room heated to 109 degrees and 54% humidity. Work your body from the inside out and feel great. Burn fat, tone your body and increase your stamina. All are welcome. 90 minutes
  • Hot Yoga Express
    This class moves along more quickly then the normal Hot Yoga class. Whether you are an early riser or you have to juggle the kids schedules, this class may be the right answer for you. 60 minutes
  • Silent Hot Yoga
    For the Hot Yoga student who knows the Hot Yoga routine. Primarily silent, this class flows from pose to pose. 60 minutes
  • Ashtanga
    An athletic practice divided into multiple levels. Most students practice the first series of poses, called the Primary Series. Classes begin with sun salutations as a warm up to this rigorous yoga practice. The sequence of postures is the same each class. You will see improvements in your postures very quickly once you begin a consistent routine of practicing Ashtanga yoga. The benefits are evident externally as well as internally almost immediately. 75 minutes
  • Vinyasa
    Vinyasa is a "flow" style of yoga in which you link one movement into the next while being conscious of your breath. This yoga class will help you to release the stress and tension you store in your body while becoming stronger and more flexible. It will help you move past old limitations and negative thinking. 60 minutes
  • Yin Yasa
    Nourish yourself from deep within with Yin Yoga. A quiet practice, in which floor poses target the connective tissue of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine. Poses are held for 3 to 5 minutes. Harmony and well being are obtained as the energetic pathways in the body are opened, releasing blockages and allowing chi or prana to flow freely. Please bring a towel or small pillow to class for personal comfort. This class is suitable for all levels. 75 minutes
  • Hot Body
    A full body workout right on your mat. 60 minutes
  • Hot Proformance & Core Training
    This class is for all levels. It requires intervals of intensity followed by intervals of balance and focus. The results are evident quickly. 60 minutes
  • Private Yoga Classes
    Available by appointment. Call for details.
  • Hot Vinyasa
    This hot power vinyasa class combines breath linked postures and balancing poses. Many Ashtanga based postures are incorporated alternating with intense balance postures making you stronger, leaner and more self confident. 60 minutes
  • Hot Boot Camp
    Full Body workout, Light hand weights are optional. 60 Minutes.

(All classes are for men and women)


The many paths of yoga are simply different approaches and techniques that all lead to the same goal of unification and enlightenment.


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